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Turn the Winter Blues another Hue

In a vicious cycle, it seems that after the hustle and bustle of HallowThanksChristmasNew Years there is a drop in “busy” cheer and a rise in New Year fears and tears. 

Whether it was the fact that the Holidays forced us to push our feelings aside in the effort to keep family members happy, cabin fever, or just the fact we’re missing out on some natural vitamin D, seasonal depression seems to take a toll on everybody in January.

With that in mind, we want to offer some thoughtful, intentional ways to help you (and us) combat those winter blues.

Our Top Tips and Tricks to making the Blues turn a different Hue

Take a quick stay-cation or weekend getaway

Sometimes we really need to buy that plane ticket and get out to somewhere a little warmer than where we are living currently. But if COVID makes traveling hard, take those days and create a stay-cation that is sure to bring some smiles.

Take a Stroll

Multi-purpose, when the sun’s out try to get out! We know, it seems to be a no brainer but when we leave the comfort of our home we are doing our body a service two-fold. One, we are able to get that natural sunlight to soak up. And two, going for a walk around the block helps our brain counterbalance with dopamine. Oh and your doctor would be so proud of you getting that workout in too!

Keep a Journal

A bit of a task, but by writing downour feelings on paper we are able to have negative thoughts or concerns leave our head space and create room for all those positive affirmations. It can also be helpful in tracking when symptoms tend to be stronger so that way you can build preventative skills for future episodes.

Stick with a Schedule

Schedules and routines help give structure and reliability which can help our natural human behavior. Having your schedule or routine being integral in your life can help push us out of bed and accomplish a few tasks during those hard times.

Using a Happy Light

Okay, we know this might sound a bit odd, but soaking in some artificial vitamin D has been proven to help those who are feeling blue. Like a plant, a little sunlight can help our bodies perk up a bit. 

Have intentional outings

How often have we let the winter snow or ugly weather keep us from going out? Be intentional! Have a fun night out at a club, bowling, or picking out a treat at a local business. Either way, try to hold yourself accountable and get off the couch and out the door for an hour every once in a while.



If you know of someone who struggles with seasonal depression the best thing you can do is be there for them. That may mean reaching out to them and setting up a gal-pal night, inviting them for a stroll in the park, being a sounding board for them as they express themselves, or even sending encouraging texts. It’s the small things that make a big difference!

Too far away to go for a walk together in person? Send a Brightbox with a personalized video message encouraging your friend to go on a virtual walk together or to send a little “sunshine” their way with words of affirmation.



The Brightbox Team

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