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It all started when Shea decided she wanted an affordable way to say, "I see you." Her friend had just lost her job of 15 years so she loaded her 3 kids in the car and headed to the store...

We are big believers in taking care of our employees, and in order to make life easier for our customer service team, here's some answers to questions you might have! Here are some things that Brightbox’s customer service representatives wish that customers knew or understood better.

Not too dissimilar to the playgrounds of elementary schools, the workplace can be just as confusing and sweaty… Okay maybe not sweaty, but the wise words of our parents seem to flood back as we enter the workplace like when we were dropped off for school to follow the golden rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. But in the adult world of today and for the purpose of this article, we are going a step beyond just being nice to each other. We’re talking about being inclusive and becoming cognitive of people of all minority groups, religious backgrounds, sexuality, and gender identity.

Parents of today’s younger workforce group faced a different world than today. In the past five years alone we’ve seen our world change and evolve with various advancements. Studies on mental health and how it affects our physical health, technology (looking at you Apple), nutritional information, but one of the largest changes you can find worldwide is how work environments have evolved and changed as well as everything else we associate with a good work life. 

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