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it's 2022, let's have the conversation ♥


Brightbox has partnered with the amazing Kristin B Hodson! Kristin Hodson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and she's determined to make it easier for all of us to talk about sex, no matter where we started from.


Together, we designed and curated a box that will help us start having important conversations around sexual health. Whether it's a sister, a best friend, or niece..send a fun and educational surprise to learn about how and what kind of lube can improve your health - and which one's will hurt. This Valentine's day, give the gift of knowledge to yourself and someone else!  


Drum roll please...




♥  HYDRA® Natural Glide Lube

STICKER "friends don't let friends use bad lube"  

♥ CHERIMOYA® Ultra Shine Rose Lip Gloss

♥ 2 Ghirardelli® Caramel Chocolate Squares

♥ Educational Insert with QR CODE


Did you know lubrications is NOT regulated by the FDA? This means that companies can use whatever they want in their lubes, which can create A LOT of unwelcome & painful consequences including rashes, itching, burning, yeast infections and poor vaginal PH.


Kristin says...

"I'm known for an almost evangelical affection for lube because, when it comes to sexual health, lube is a great tool for all people! Lubrication supports your sexual health in more ways than simply the act of sex itself. Think about getting a back massage and how a little lotion goes a long way in increasing the pleasure. Lubrication helps to reduce friction and increase pleasure everywhere – and it can also make it easier to insert tampons and menstrual cups."


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