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Kristin B Hodson X Brightbox Collaboration

Boy do we have a box collaboration for you! We did our first Valentine's Day collection release January 19th, but the crown jewel curated box was released January 26th. Brightbox is excited to announce a limited-edition box called the Bestie Box. The Bestie Box was created in conjunction with Kristin B. Hodson who is a Clinical Social Worker and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist that focuses on healthy sexual habits.

What makes this box different from other boxes?

It’s 2022, let's have the conversation! And what better way to make it easier to talk about it than with this conversation starter box? 

Kristin B. Hodson has helped many women with understanding their body's needs, breaking unhealthy superstitions, embracing one’s sexuality,  and to build confidence with one’s body. And who better to collaborate with on a sexual health box than with an expert who specializes in helping women connect with their bodies!

The Bestie Box collaboration between Brightbox and Kristin B Hodson that includes chocolate, lube, lip gloss, a sticker, and informational insert about lube.

What was the idea behind the Bestie Box?

2022 is the year that we start having the conversation around our sexual health and wellness. The Bestie Box was created so that it can help us start having these conversations with your sister, best friend or niece, ‘cause who else do we talk to about personal things? Friendships and meaningful connections are what helped build Brightbox up in the first place, and we want to celebrate those friendships and those late night private chats on the phone this Valentine’s Day. Cause girl, knowledge is power and you deserve to have your body empowered!

“I was thinking back as I was creating this box… about my major sexual developmental stages and realized it was my friends that helped me. I remember being in middle school and my friends talking to me through the bathroom stall on how to insert a tampon. And I remember talking about different sexual development stages and experiences I was having, it was always my girlfriends.”

- Kristin Hodson

Brightbox Bestie Box

Why would Brightbox collaborate with Kristin Hodson on?

“I’ve been following Kristin Hodson for a while now. she has directly influenced my personal sexual health and wellness. When we reached out for a collaboration, I was ecstatic when she said yes. Meeting with her was even better - she is a passionate educator that is a trailblazer of her time. This collaboration is a dream come true.”

-Hannah Berry, Marketing Director

Brightbox is all about helping people build connections, connecting with others, and helping givers connect with themselves. It makes sense to us to develop a box that includes items that help women learn how to connect with all parts of their bodies.

Why Lube?

Well did you know lubrication is NOT regulated by the FDA? This means that companies can use whatever they want in their lubes, which can create A LOT of unwelcome & painful consequences including rashes, itching, burning, yeast infections and poor vaginal PH. 

"I'm known for an almost evangelical affection for lube because, when it comes to sexual health, lube is a great tool for all people! Lubrication supports your sexual health in more ways than simply the act of sex itself. Think about getting a back massage and how a little lotion goes a long way in increasing the pleasure. Lubrication helps to reduce friction and increase pleasure everywhere – and it can also make it easier to insert tampons and menstrual cups," says Kristin.

What’s in the box?

The Bestie Box is unique in that it not only includes chocolate items, it also includes a bottle of lube, an educational insert by Kristin B. Hodson, and a sticker that says, “Friends don’t let friends use bad lube”. Designed for education and pleasure, this box is sure to be a hit with all your girlfriends!

"You can be that friend that helps another friend know what they don't know", Kristin Hodson

Want to keep learning? Check out Hodson’s social media for some free helpful information! (@kristinbhodson) There are many other ways such as talking with a counselor who specializes in sexual health, a health provider, or trusted friend or family member. 

And as always, thank you for being a special part of our Brightbox squad!


The Brightbox Team

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