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When you think of a powerful woman, who is the first person who comes to your mind? Was it Marie Curie and her achievements towards a radioactivity science that launched cures for cancer? Was it Rosa Parks for her bravery, and willingness to stand up for herself and her beliefs? Was it Mother Teresa? A woman who dedicated her life to the service of others.

Maybe your mind drifted to a more modern powerful woman, like Michelle Obama for her powerful voice, or someone like Sheryl Sandberg who is a thriving and successful businesswoman and philanthropist.

Did you think of someone who has a special place in your heart? A sister, a mom, grandmother or a best friend? The point is, there is no end to the list of powerful women worldwide. They are everywhere, doing amazing things.

Group of women standing together in a power pose with a yellow background


Why Not You?

Regardless of what women came to your mind, did you think about you? I want you, right now, to say to yourself:

“I am a powerful woman.”

“I inspire myself and strive to inspire and uplift women around me.”

“I am strong and capable.”

Do you resonate with those statements? Why or why not? We should all have daily affirmations that push us to grow and to crush our goals. Create some that make sense for you!                                         

What does ‘being strong’ mean to you as a  woman?

For every woman, this can look different. Maybe it looks like a mom who works two jobs to support her babies. Maybe it looks like a woman who is running her own business. Maybe it looks like a woman who stands up for herself and speaks her mind. Maybe she is behind the scenes and doesn’t get noticed. She could be the silent type who always finds ways to reach out to people who need it. Every single one of these women are strong.



"Empowered Women Empower Women" 

1. Compliment Each Other - This is simple but powerful. Has anyone ever said something to you that made you feel seen or important? It feels good right? Almost as good as being the person to say it! One of our favourite quotes here at Brightbox is by Ruthie Lindsey, "If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it." She’ll love you for it, and YOU will love you for it.

2. Support Women Owned & Operated businesses - Starting is the hardest part for all of us. No matter what that is. If you see someone who is just starting out, tell them you’re proud of them. Buy their product, shoot them a text, mention their brand to friends and family, or even send a sweet BrightBox their way! (FYI: the Women Empowerment Box is perfect!) P.S. Did you know Brightbox is 98% Women Owned and Operated? 

3. Offer to Babysit- Some boss babes we know are also Mothers. And as heroic as they are, even they need a break. Reach out to a mom who needs it, or, if you’re not the babysitting type, perhaps bringing over a hot meal for her and her little babes will lift her spirits.

4. Serve each other and with each other - There are so many causes and ways to serve. Find service opportunities that are local to you. A service project that we are fond of is the project called: ‘Days For Girls.’ If you haven’t heard of it, look into them! Their motive is inspiring! The just serve app is another great resource for finding other options that work for all you busy ladies!

5. CELEBRATE each other!      

Women smiling surprised with confetti in the air


Just remember, women worldwide are powerful, smart, and beautiful!

Go show each other some love!

Happy International Women’s Day Babes!

To be a part of a movement that inspires women to feel remembered, loved, empowered, and connected use #noticegoodpeople on Instagram





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